That day we found an oil slick….

Oil slick in the shipping lane

Oil slick in the shipping lane

It was one of those days ~ we had been out at sea for a very long time. It was getting late and we had to get back in. As we kept chugging forward towards shore I was hanging off the starboard side looking for signs of life. I stared for hours over a silky smooth sea hoping that something would crack the surface and exhale… that towering familiar exhalation I have grown accustomed to seeing. In the distance I could see a dark patch on the water. At first I thought it was the shadow of the clouds but as we got closer I realised it was an oil slick. It was reasonably sized and lay in the middle of the shipping lane. I realise that this photo is pretty rubbish because we had to keep moving without stopping for a photo shoot, but I took it because I wanted to remind everyone of all the other human activities that threaten our oceans…..Ships hit whales, they are the cause of oil slicks and the source of a lot of noise. Most importantly, since ninety percent of everything is shipped, we are all to blame. That’s why my current work looks at ways to make small changes that will help to protect our ocean life better!

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