My TED Talk with Sinhala subtitles


YAY! Christmas has come early! I am so excited to finally see the Sinhala subtitles available for my TED talk!! I am grateful to Chathuri Daluwatte for taking on the task through TED’s open translation project.

One of my goals in life is to bring the wonder of the oceans to EVERYONE because the more people know, the more they are likely to care. Equality of information is so important to me which is why I reached out to both the Sinhala and Tamil translation teams to ensure all Sri Lankans have the opportunity to learn why we should all care about whale poop. Translators for TED’s open translation project work on a voluntary basis so doing this is an extra bit of work, but I am happy that we have at least one language up, and eagerly await the opportunity to announce the Tamily version too!

In the mean time, please watch it here: and circulate to your friends and family! If I am not mistaken I am the first Sri Lankan up on TED and also the first with a local language translation!!

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