Can you help?

How you can help blue whale research.

There are two ways in which you can help.

Firstly, this project is funded through competitively obtained grants and fellowships. As you can imagine getting grants is a long and continuous process. If you or anyone you know would like to contribute financially to this project, please use the PayPal donate button on the right hand side of the home page; or click here All funds will be used to cover fieldwork expenses and purchase equipment. Any amount is helpful and goes a long way to unraveling the mysteries of these blue giants. I will be in touch to let you know how your contribution was used.

Secondly, if you or anyone you know has visited Sri Lanka to see the magnificent blue whales and would like to contribute photographs to the photo-ID catalogue – please contact me through the contact form at If you are keen to send in your images – don’t forget to send your full name so you can be credited for your efforts within the photo catalogue. These images will not be used for anything else unless discussed otherwise. For more details on how we use these images please click here: :