Collaborators, grants and permits

The Sri Lankan Blue Whale Project wishes to acknowledge the generous support of all its collaborators who have helped create a strong scientific programme over the years. Much of the work would not be possible without the mentorship, guidance and contributions of these experts who have given of their time to ensure we achieve our goals of protecting this important species in Sri Lankan waters. We also wish to thank the grant-making bodies that have funded us over the years. All research is conducted under permits from the Department of Wildlife Conservation, Sri Lanka.


  • The University of California Santa Cruz: Prof. Don Croll & Dr. Bernie Tershy
  • Southwest Fisheries Science Centre, The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (SWFSC NOAA): Dr. Robert Brownell Jr., Dr. Lisa Ballance, Dr. Jessica Redfern, Dr. Thomas Moore & Dr. Paul Fiedler
  • Stanford University, Hopkins Marine Lab: Dr. Jeremy Goldbogen
  • University of Western Australia: Prof. Chari Pattiaratchi, Dr. Sarath Wijeratne & Dr. Ed Cripps
  • Macquarie University: Prof. Robert Harcourt
  • Oregon State University: Dr. Ari Friedlaender
  • Savannah State University: Dr. Amanda Kaltenberg
  • Duke University: Dr. Doug Nowacek
  • The Australian Antarctic Division: Dr. Simon Jarman, Cassy Faux
  • The National Aquatic Resources Research and Development Agency (NARA) Sri Lanka: Dr. Deishini Herat
  • Tony Wu: Underwater photographer
  • The Environment Society of Oman

  • PhD funding: University of Western Australia SIRF (2010–2013)
  • PhD research funding: Duke University Global Fellow’s mini grant (2011 & 2013), UWA Research Collaboration Award (2012), Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, Hong Kong (2012-2013), UWA Convocation travel grant (2013)
  • Post-doc Funding: The Marisla Foundation (2013-2015), Packard Science and Technology Endowment (2015)


Crowd-funding enables a lot of people to come together to support the solution of a global problem. I believe this is where our ultimate success lies. We are currently using OpenExplorer to raise funds and have had many wonderful believers contribute to the project and in particular, the upcoming field season (January-March 2015). My deepest gratitude goes out to all of you!

▪                                  Asha Jadeja
▪                                  Brian Herbert
▪                                  Catharine Young
▪                                  Charles Butt
▪                                  David Albertson
▪                                  David Lang
▪                                  Dharshana Jayawardena
▪                                  Eric Berlow
▪                                  Erik Hersman
▪                                  Erika Bergman
▪                                  Ethan Lang
▪                                  Geoffrey Siwo
▪                                  Jane Parks-McKay
▪                                  Janet Iwasa
▪                                  Joey Ellis
▪                                  Jonathan McGinty
▪                                  Kenneth Hill
▪                                  Margaret Bates
▪                                  Mark Scanlon
▪                                  Meredith Kimbell
▪                                  Michael Girard
▪                                  Patricia Silber
▪                                  Rahula Gunasekera
▪                                  Renee Freedman
▪                                  Ruvinika Kinigama
▪                                  Safwat Saleem
▪                                  Sara-Jayne Terp
▪                                  Shehani Noakes
▪                                  Shohini Ghose
▪                                  Skylar Tibbits
▪                                  TED Fellows
▪                                  Thomas Moye
▪                                  Tom Reilly
▪                                  William True

2 thoughts on “Collaborators, grants and permits

  1. Hello Asha,

    I was wondering if you have any internship positions available this upcoming season within your research team. I am a marine naturalist out of Victoria, Canada who has completed her B.A. in Environmental Studies and Political Science.

    I would LOVE to work with you due to your extensive research in the blue whale population. It is very progressive and I would love to help assist you. Please let me know any way that this is possible. If there is an application process I would love to begin it.

    Have a wonderful day,

    Cassandra Onifrichuk

    • Hi Cassandra, Sorry but we have not got any opportunities at the moment. I would suggest you subscribe to this blog and stay tuned! Asha

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