5 burning questions

Excerpt of a message I received from a Sri Lankan student.

Excerpt of a message I received from a Sri Lankan student.

Do you or any one you know have a burning marine biology career-related question? Do you sometimes wonder whether this is the career for you? Are you trying to figure out what challenges you should prepare for? Do you want to understand what is necessary to get into the field?

This might be the opportunity you have been waiting for….

I often receive emails, Facebook messages, tweets and LinkedIN messages from aspiring marine biologists from around the world seeking advice on various aspects of the field. The questions range from; what classes should I take in high school, to what are the best universities out there. Others are more personal with questions about my own career path and how I faced certain challenges. I spend many hours answering and mentoring students individually, but I am beginning to believe that I can have a broader impact by answering these questions publicly – through this blog.


Please send in your top 5 (maximum) burning questions using the contact form below. Make sure they are well thought out, clear and SPECIFIC so I can be of best help to you. Do not request internship opportunities through this page. Through this form I ask for your name and email address but neither will be shared nor publicized. All questions will be answered anonymously and I will answer your question as a series of blog posts allowing more people to benefit from YOUR questions. To ensure that you receive your answers, I suggest you subscribe to the blog using this link: http://ashadevos.us5.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=941985d337ca133c180938150&id=875172b2a4. By subscribing you can also stay abreast of any internship opportunities, news and themed Google Hangouts that you can participate in with me! Due to the nature of my workload, there might be slight delays in my responses but I will answer all the most relevant and useful questions.


1. Thanks to all of you who have started to use this platform. I want to reemphasize the importance of SPECIFIC questions. To clarify, asking me what skills you need to become a marine biologist will not suffice. That is a very general question and skills range from personal, academic, physical. Think about what stage you are at and ask a question that is more specific like – what three subjects should I consider for A/levels? OR What are the two most important personal characteristics that helped you to pursue this field? The more specific you are, the more I can help you. Unspecific questions will unfortunately go unanswered because they are questions I can answer for days and that is futile.

2. If you do want to participate – PLEASE USE THIS FORM. DO NOT contact me through the general contact form or your question might go unanswered.

Thank you for your enthusiasm and desire to become an Ocean Hero!

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